[osgi-dev] OSGi on Android?

Marcel Offermans marcel.offermans at luminis.nl
Tue Dec 7 09:43:05 EST 2010

Hello Heiko,

It works. From memory any Android version starting with 1.6 should work and since a long time Apache Felix supports Android out of the box (just get a release and integrate it into your Android application, the framework knows its running on Android, bundles need to be "dexified" before they work, just like any jar).

Both Knopflerfish and Equinox have shown they can run Android too (I'm less familiar with the current state of support of those implementations).

We (at Luminis) have done several proofs of concept with Android, OSGi and remotely provisioning. Some of that has resulted in http://ezdroid.com/ where we teamed up with Akquinet to bundle our collective knowledge.

Greetings, Marcel

On 7 Dec 2010, at 15:25 , <hwaldschmidt at iset.uni-kassel.de> <hwaldschmidt at iset.uni-kassel.de> wrote:

> Hi friends of OSGi,
> has anyone tried to run OSGi on Android? Does it work? If you got it
> working, please tell me something about your experience with OSGi on
> Android. Which version of Android is minimal needed? Which
> OSGi-Implementation / Version have you tested?
> Greetings,
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