[osgi-dev] Bundle Repository Server

Peter Kriens peter.kriens at aqute.biz
Thu Dec 2 04:18:12 EST 2010

For compile time support take a look at bndtools, it uses OBR to find bundles.

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	Peter Kriens

On 1 dec 2010, at 12:44, Martin Ždila wrote:

> Hello
> For our application we need update mechanism with dependency handling and
> with remote repository. Something simmilar like apt-get in Debian or
> installing new plugins to Eclipse from various repositories or marketplace.
>> From what I've read it looks that the solution could be the Bundle
> Repository - OBR.
> Currently all our bundles are stored in the ivy repository together with
> non-bundle jars used for eg. GWT. BTW We are using our own proprietary build
> system that integrates ivy, bnd and other libraries, but this is maybe not
> so important now.
> To start using OBR we need to generate repository.xml. The best would be if
> jars would stay in the ivy repository (standard file system accessible over
> ssh, but there is no problem to add http support) and not duplicate them for
> the OBR server. Bundles in the repository often changes and so it would be
> expensive to always regenerate repository.xml for complete repository after
> every change.
> We have basically couple questions:
> 1. how can we generate OBR repository.xml for every bundle? The source for
> generation could be MANIFEST.MF and DS component.xmls.
> 2. is there any OBR server that can dynamically aggregate OBR xml of every
> bundle to repository.xml? It must be dynamic, because bundles often changes.
> 3. is there some solutions to combine it with ivy.xml descriptions?
> In next step we would maybe like to also update our building system to use
> metadata from OBR to handle compile-time dependencies. We may consider
> Sigil. But not all jars are bundles - many jars are GWT jars and jars for
> other purposes. But we'll have more questions about this once we have our
> OBR server running :-)
> Thanks in advance
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