[osgi-dev] Metatype Service: Clarification for default value handling

Peter Kriens peter.kriens at aqute.biz
Wed Jun 18 08:04:55 EDT 2008

Yes, this is the right interpretation. Escaping is a parsing time  
issue and it would
be quite strange to not directly clean up the parsed XML.

So which one is wrong? :-)

Kind regards,

	Peter Kriens

On 18 jun 2008, at 08:10, Felix Meschberger wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need a clarification for the handling of default values defined in
> meta data files. In such files the <AD> element may carry a default
> attribute which may contain a list of default values for multi-value
> attributes. Table 105.13 states on page 121 (in the R4.1 compendium
> spec), that
>        "The XML attribute must contain a comma delimited list. If the
>        comma must be represented, it must be escaped with a back slash
>        (’\’ \u005c). A back slash can be included with two  
> backslashes.
>        White spaces around the command and after/before an XML element
>        must be ignored. For example: dflt="a\,b,b\,c, c\\,d" =>
>        [ "a,b", "b,c", "c\", "d" ]"
> My interpretation of this is that the
> AttributeDefinition.getDefaultValue() would then return an array of
> strings cleaned from the back slash characters.
> Is this correct ?
> I ask, because I encountered a difference in the Equinox metatype and
> Apache Felix metatype implementations.
> Thanks for your help and time.
> Regards
> Felix
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