[osgi-dev] OSGi + Sun Spot

Dennis Geurts dennis.geurts at luminis.nl
Mon Jun 16 13:05:26 EDT 2008

Yes, I have. I've been using SunSPOTs together with the device access  

The BaseStation application was an OSGi application. This application  
was able to detect
SunSPOTS by means of a very, very lightweight discovery protocol. As  
soon as a SunSPOT was
detected, the device access spec was used to bind such a remote  
application to a specific service inside the basestation application.
As soon as the connection to the SunSPOT was lost (due to the distance  
being too large, or the SunSPOT
was turned off), the service was automatically removed.

In short my experience was a pretty good one.

please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to receive  
more detailed information.

I'd also recommend you taking a look at the slides I made for a  
presentation about my work:

SunSPOT Flexibility with OSGi

item 1,2 and 3 ;-)

Sincerely, Dennis

Aggelos Mpimpoudis wrote:


Simple question, has anyone been using OSGi with sun spot devices?
How is/was your experience?

Best regards @ OSGi community,
Aggelos Mpimpoudis

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