[osgi-dev] Sample Native Code Bundle code

Craig Phillips lcphillips at praxiseng.com
Wed Jun 4 09:31:54 EDT 2008

Hi, I am a developer using OSGi (preferably Felix and Newton); I am doing a lot of research/development and have some ability to go off and explore a feature set;
I have done more than my fair share of JNI work over the years; I even wrote a rather encompassing briefing on JNI, but it's rather dated (circa jdk1.3/jdk1.4), so I probably am missing out on generics/typing, but that's a tangent.
I would like to explore the OSGi capabilities as expressed in section 3.9 of the OSGi R4 core spec, regarding native bundles; I must say, reading the spec, I like what I see in terms of the framework's ability to auto-determine the native library to load based on metadata and environmental factors;
I was wondering if someone could reply/attach/mail/URL me some sample code. unit test / hello world level code is fine. I just want something that gets me started. As for platform, I'm sort of doing cygwin/C++/gnu on a windows box (XP and 2000) although I have a linux/ubuntu load available to me;
Much appreciated, Craig Phillips, Praxis Engineering
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