[osgi-dev] osgi ri and mobile phone

Richard S. Hall heavy at ungoverned.org
Tue Apr 8 03:47:46 EDT 2008

Sinisha Djukic wrote:
>>>    Can osgi go with J2ME ?
>>>    Is there any compatibility between osgi and j2me?
>> OSGi does not need many things from the JVM, but one thing it does 
>> need is classloaders. J2ME, or CLDC, generally does not support that, 
>> so running OSGi on such an execution environment does not work...
> true, in general. but there is one CLDC-based OSGi implementation, 
> which might be interesting for you:
>   http://www.prosyst.com/products/osgi_se_cldc_ed.html

You might also look closer at the feature list, since this 
implementation appears to be a subset of OSGi...

-> richard

> br,
> sinisha

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