[osgi-dev] Service Tracking Matter

Simon J Archer sarcher at us.ibm.com
Mon Oct 1 09:37:08 EDT 2007

Thanks Aggelos, that's great to know.  Your help is appreciated.

Aggelos Mpimpoudis <a.mpimpoydhs at di.uoa.gr> 
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Re: [osgi-dev] Service Tracking Matter

Peter Kriens wrote: 
AM>  So Knopflerfish and SAT finally harmonized. This is important for 
both sides.
Well, somebody still has to test this, did you do this? :-)

Kind regards
Just recompiled KF with the latest revision at repository. Re-executed the 
sample I got the intended results.

Bug fix confirmed. :-) :-) 

Thank you, all.
Aggelos Mpimpoudis
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Athens, Greece
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