[osgi-dev] Continuous Integration of OSGi Bundles

Peter Kriens Peter.Kriens at aQute.biz
Mon May 28 12:55:50 EDT 2007

If you could kick-off with a draft, mail it to me for additions, then
I think we can get this started.

Kind regards,

     Peter Kriens

SM> Hi Peter,

SM> On 01/05/07, Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens at aqute.biz> wrote:
>> I talk to lots of different companies and their major problems is
>> surprisingly often the build environment. When I do consultancy on
>> projects, it is often the first aspect I investigate. It is most of
>> the time a complete disaster.
>> So who would be interested in working on creating an RFP on this
>> subject?

SM> I'd like to try and take this forward - should I just come up with a draft
SM> document on my own and post it to this list, or is there a more formal
SM> process I should follow to kick-off this RFP?

>> Kind regards,
>>      Peter Kriens

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