[osgi-dev] Require-Bundle and uses constraints/matching attributes

jarnold at cybercom.net jarnold at cybercom.net
Thu May 24 12:36:52 EDT 2007

How does Require-Bundle interact with package constraints and/or matching
attributes for packages that are exported from the required bundle?

For a concrete example:

A: Import-Package: p; version="[2,3)"
   Require-Bundle: B
B: Import-Package: p; version="[1,2)"
   Export-Package: q; uses:="p",
                   r; someattrib=true; mandatory:=someattrib
C: Export-Package: p; version=2
D: Export-Package: p; version=1

1.  Will A have access to q from B? (note the incompatible constraint on p)

2.  Will A have access to r from B? (note the mandatory attribute)

3.  Will A be resolved at all?

On a related note: If Require-Bundle is used with visibility:=reexport, do
the reexported packages inherit any directives or attributes from the
required bundle?  If so, what happens with split packages?

Thanks in advance,
Josh Arnold

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