[osgi-dev] Interoperability problems...

Niclas Hedhman niclas at hedhman.org
Thu Mar 22 00:53:30 EDT 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 21:25, Thomas Watson wrote:
> The RI shipped by the OSGi Alliance is configured to be a strict OSGi
> Framework.  To launch the official RI from OSGi you must follow the
> instructions provided by the OSGi Alliance.  That will give you a strict
> OSGi Framework.  

Ok. I got the RI/TCK distro, but what "instructions" are you refering to?? 
Can't find anything.

java -jar org.osgi.impl.framework.eclipse.jar -console

gives the same result...

> Changing Equinox to default to a strict OSGi Framework and 
> then force Eclipse to configure it for its needs will cause issues for all
> Eclipse clients and applications.  All of the Eclipse clients/applications
> will have to be reconfigured when they are upgraded to the latest Equinox
> that is now strict.  That is something I'm sure the Eclipse community would
> not enjoy.

Sure. I can sympathize with this. What I can't sympathize with is the dominant 
perception in the industry that http://www.eclipse.org/equinox is a link to 
THE reference implementation.

I'm not a lawyer, so an honest question; Are we allowed to publish the RI 
(under a new name?) with the target to make it as strict to the spec as 
possible? I think there is value in that for many people.

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