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Johan, all,

we have used CORBA in OSGi bundles, both invoking remote operations and implementing a server. Client processing is quite straight forward, as long as you're not talking about J2EE/CORBA combination where dynamic class loading is required. Implementing a CORBA server in an OSGi bundle takes some more efforts, but still works. E. g. you have to invoke something like in a separate thread.

However, I would not recommend to use the standard Java implementation of CORBA, we had severe "memory leak" problems (means that this implementation hold references to objects that are no longer used and not accessible from your application). We have used Visibroker instead.

Do you have any specific issues?

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> Hi guys,
> At the risk of being excommunicated, I would like to inquire 
> about the cooperation of OSGi and Corba.
> Some time ago (4,5 years to be precise) I have been talking 
> to BJ Hargrave about the usage of Java RMI from within OSGi 
> bundles (SMF implementation). Back then this was very 
> difficult and finally I decided not to go ahead with it.
> Today, I'm faced with a situation in which we consider using 
> Corba to talk between: 
> * some native processes amongst each other
> * those native processes and an OSGi platform I have the 
> feeling (without trying yet) that a similar issue could occur there.
> Anybody in our huge community ever used Corba (not the DSI 
> part) from within OSGi bundles? Would you happen to have any 
> other proposals to accomplish similar stuff, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Johan
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