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There are several open source OSGi implementations: Apache Felix, Eclipse 
Equinox and Knopflerfish. Each comes with a different set of bundles which 
may be of interest to you. ProSyst is a commercial implementation and has 
a wide variety of bundles that may be of value to you. You will need to 
discuss licensing terms with ProSyst.

You can check out the OSGi Bundle Repository to search for bundles which 
may be of interest to your project: 

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[osgi-dev] Smart Medical Home


My name is Dima Litvak. I am master's student in the biomedical
deparment in Tel-Aviv university, in Israel. I am working on the
"Smart Medical Home" project.

I want to it to run on the OSGI framework, and to connect it to X10,
WiFi and bluetooth devices.

In your opinion, what is the best way to do it?

What is the appropriate gateway I can use?

How difficult is it to study how to use the ProSyst's smart home
package, and what is the programming level I need in order to use the

Maybe you know about a ready software that is based on the OSGI that I can 

Maybe you have done something like that before, or you know someone
that did something like that before, and can give me the relevant .jar
files. It could help me a lot, and save me alot of time.

Thanks, Dima.
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