[osgi-dev] Scalability of OSGi Services

Marcel Offermans marcel.offermans at luminis.nl
Mon Apr 30 07:34:15 EDT 2007

Hello Neil,

First of all, I'm a bit confused about what you are exactly asking here.

"do OSGi services scale?"
In my opinion, that's not a question you can answer with yes or no.  
First of all, OSGi services are part of the specification, so from  
that point of view the best you can do is, for example, state that  
feature X of the specification is hard to implement in a way that  
makes it scale to Y. Then you could look at one specific  
implementation and see how that one scales (again, you first need to  
specify what you mean by that).

"do OSGi services scale better or worse than Equinox Extensions?"
Even that one is very hard to answer unless you describe in more  
detail what you exactly want to compare. They're different (as you've  
explained in your article on Extensions vs Services http:// 
www.eclipsezone.com/articles/extensions-vs-services/) so again the  
best you can do is to come up with some specific scenarios and  
compare implementations.

I have been using OSGi for a long time now in various systems, and  
I've been very happy with the service layer. In the projects I've  
been involved with, we have never ever had scalability problems  
related to services.

To be honest, I've never looked at the extension mechanism closely,  
because in my view it's just something that Eclipse needed to make  
the transition from their old plugin system to OSGi easier, just like  
the "require bundle" way of doing dependencies instead of properly  
using "import/export". Personally I would not recommend using it,  
because I don't see it being better than the standard OSGi way of  
doing things.

But back to the question, what exactly do you want to discuss?

Greetings, Marcel

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