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>I raised some OSGi bugzilla issues to track the improvements below.
>"Strigun, Vladimir A" <vladimir.a.strigun at intel.com> wrote on
>> Glyn,
>> I received several comments regarding EDR from my colleagues. Sorry
>> if I'm being late with the input.
>> Page 89: description of org.osgi.framework.processor property. I
>> believe that x86-64 is applicable for amd64 and em64t. Could you
>> please update in the next revision?
>Raised as OSGi issue 369.
>> Is it possible to add diagram showing the various layers (security,
>> module, life cycle, etc.) and their inter-relationships, and
>> important components within each layer upfront in the document? I
>> suggest adding the diagram to OSGi framework overview chapter. I
>> think it will be useful and will orient reader with general OSGi
>Raised as OSGi issue 370.
>> A few use cases that show the sequence of components loaded /
>> executed and from which layers will also be useful in understand the
>> typical control flows in OSGi
>Raised as OSGi issue 371.
>> Thanks,
>> Vladimir.
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