[jsr-291-eg] Use of the system classloader

Guillaume Sauthier guillaume.sauthier at bull.net
Thu Aug 17 04:39:18 EDT 2006

Hi Andy

I haven't noticed any problems by using a JNDI InitialContextFactory 
packaged in a bundle (Using Sun VM).

But I agree this is an important issue.
We're completely stuck if Java SE/EE factories (JAXP, JAX-RPC, SAAJ, 
...) only look for classes inside the System ClassLoader.
Sometimes, the factories tries to load from the Thread Context 
ClassLoader too, and that helps if we set the TCCL to the bundle 
ClassLoader before calling the factory.

But this solution doesn't look very good :
// in the Activator
ClassLoader old = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
try {
  // Call the factory
} finally {

We're highly dependent on the factory implementation.

BTW, Is there any trick for bundlisation of libraries that are heavily 
using TCCL for ClassLoading ?
It will be great if we can avoid all of the above code...


Andy Piper wrote:
> Hello Experts,
> Our internal uses of OSGi have come across a number of use cases 
> where Java SE relies on the system classloader for loading resources 
> of various types. One example is JNDI factories. Unfortunately this 
> creates problems when trying to load these resources from OSGi 
> bundles. OSGi has already solved this problem with the URL Handler 
> Service. This service makes it possible to register URL handlers from 
> OSGi bundles, so that there's a way to load them other than by 
> putting them in the system class path.
> We would like this issue to be addressed uniformly across Java SE. 
> For JNDI this could be solved by providing our own factory 
> implementation, I'm not sure whether this mechanism would so readily 
> apply to other scenarios however.
> Thoughts?
> andy 
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